Paul "Dr. J" Jacobson, M.D.


Paul "Dr. J" Jacobson, M.D.


aka "Coach Dr. J" is a native Conch, born and raised in the Conch Republic; Key West, Florida. He played basketball for the "back-to-back" state championship team, Key West Conchs, and recognized as the season's most valuable player for his signature high accuracy free throw shots under pressure.


Dr. J graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude having received his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with Highest Honors in Chemistry from the University of Florida (1976). He attended the University of Florida College of Medicine (1976-1980) and also completed his residency training and post-graduate medical education at the University of Florida College of Medicine Shands Hospital, Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry (1980-1984). Dr. J received continuing medical education from Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, UCLA, Scripps Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Florida Hospital and University of Miami.


Dr. J is a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Medicine (1996) and is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner. Dr. J completed Inside the Courts training with the Judges of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida (2011). Additionally, Dr. J completed the Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediation Training Program pursuant to the Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators 10.100(d) (2011).


Dr. J has a special interest in the hybrid of Child & Adolescent Behavioral Medicine and Sports Psychiatry incorporating high level wellness-fitness therapeutic assignments as non-pharmacological behavioral medicine strategies for difficult to treat dysfunctional youth populations. Additionally, Dr. J is an expert Occupational Psychiatric Consultant working with small and large companies in marketing, sales, & leadership enhancement, customer service quality improvement and acceleration of positive corporate cultures.


Upon completion of his graduate medical education, Dr. J was contracted with Martin Marietta Orlando Aerospace (1984-1985) as a Senior Management Development Specialist in the Department of Management Training and Organizational Development. He was an early pioneer in the development of innovative wellness programs for executive management and company personnel. Capitalizing on his expertise as an occupational psychiatrist, Dr. J was instrumental in the development of MMOA's 'charm school' during the rise of the defense contractor's rapid growth and expansion with the StarWars Initiative under the Reagan Administration. Dr. J was a recipient of the coveted Chairman's Award at the Annual Martin Marietta Corporate Recognition Night event representing his Department.


Shortly after the 9-11 tragedy, Dr. J served as Medical Director during the massive screening venture for the new employee hires with the startup of the Transportation Security Administration. Based at the Palm Springs, CA airport, Dr. J provided oversight and quality assurance for his multi-disciplinary team of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, medical technologists, and human resource liaisons. The TSA hiring blitz is the fastest and largest governmental agency ramp-up in the history of the United States.


Dr. J entered private practice in 1984. He was the Founder and Director of a state-of-the-art Sports Medicine clinic utilizing MedX core spinal technologies and Cybex exercise devices, specializing in physical medicine muscle testing and rehabilitation in association with Casselberry Physical Therapy and the Bally Fitness Center in Winter Park, Florida. On an inpatient basis, Dr. J evaluated and treated behaviorally disturbed children and adolescents while maintaining active medical staff privileges at multiple Central Florida community hospitals. Dr. J is the youngest physician to have achieved Honorary Status for medical staff privileges at Florida Hospital.


Dr. J has consulted with several specialized programs for at-risk children and adolescents including Big Bear Behavioral Health, APNS, Multilingual Psychotherapy Center, Empower / Intervention Services, Tampa Bay Academy, Devereux Florida Treatment Network, The House Next Door, Lake County Boys Ranch, and a host of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice residential commitment programs including Umatilla Academy for Girls, Florida Institute for Girls, Kingsley Juvenile Residential Center for Girls, Leon F. Stewart - Hal S. Marchman Center, and the deemed status award-winning Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Dr. J held and has prosecuted several United States Patent and Trademark Office registered trademarks including Dr. J's MagicStars® (1992) and subsequently founded a pro-social youth gang, Dr. J's MagicStars Gang, comprised of habilitated juvenile delinquent youth that give back to society by creating & performing innovative, positive community service activities. Dr. J's MagicStars Gang has received national recognition, having been the subject for featured news stories on current issues with youth gangs. Dr. J's MagicStars Gang has received numerous corporate sponsorships for special events by progressive companies including the world's largest entertainment company and a national company specializing in substance abuse prevention services for Safe Schools under Title IV of the 1994 Improving America's Schools Act, and the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.


An active member of the National Speakers Association and former Toastmasters International regional educational vice-president, Dr. J has performed as a keynote speaker and workshop leader on customer service, leadership, marketing & sales, and motivational self-improvement topics. He has shared the platform at major conventions, industry specialty trade shows, and professional speaking forums recognized for his high content, unique and entertaining presentation style. Dr. J is a member of the exclusive NSA networking group, 'The Speaking Eagles', which is only eligible for aviators who speak and speakers who address aviation groups.


Dr. J has served as a media personality and has been a featured radio talk show guest on nationally syndicated Talk Radio and local television NBC-affiliate WESH-TV as an expert sports psychiatry and occupational behavioral health  spokesperson. Dr. J has been a presenter on several distance learning video-conferences.


Dr. J is one of the original Founder Members of the RDV Sportsplex in Maitland, Florida. RDV Sportsplex, a joint venture between RDV Sports, Inc. and Florida Hospital, is a trend-setting destination for sports and wellness and is the only sports facility to serve as home to three professional sports teams, the NBA's Orlando Magic, the IHL's Orlando Solar Bears, and the WNBA's Orlando Miracle. Dr. J is also a founding member and consultant for several Central Florida health fitness organizations including the Peggy & Philip B. Crosby Wellness Center in Winter Park, The Gainesville Health & Fitness Center, the Radisson-Justus-YMCA Aquatic Center on International Drive, Eurofitness, LA Fitness, and Lifestyle Family Fitness.


Dr. J serves as President & CEO of Prevtech Corporation based in Orlando, FL. Prevtech has two service divisions, Clinical and Non-Clinical, and a research division. Prevtech's behavioral medicine clinical division contracted with several licensed professionals providing psychiatric overlay, comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Prevtech consistently achieved 100% across-the-board, exceptional, superior quality assurance ratings for mental health & substance abuse treatment services during their annual QA reviews for the Circuit 7 Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center.


Prevtech's non-clinical division provides consulting services, coaching, speaking, workshops, mastermind groups and leadership retreats for professionals, entrepreneurs, progressive organizations and business owners of innovative companies interested in monopolizing their marketplace by improving internal realities and separating themselves from the competition.


Prevtech's eSports & Research division focuses on human performance enhancement using natural processes and proven state-of-the-art technologies without pharmacological interventions. Prevtech's unique systems integration and methodologies are currently under development. This will include, but is not limited to, the offering of sophisticated sports health assessments powered by TRAZER and neuromodulation treatments powered by NEUROSTAR TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Innovative long-term relationships with industry-leading fitness organizations are in process and continues to move forward.


Dr. J's entrepreneurial spirit is relentless and has historically served as a private angel investor and investment banker for start-up and early stage companies. Dr. J has enjoyed facilitating the growth and development of a multitude of projects including companies with disruptive technologies in a variety of emerging industries.


Dr. J is a self-taught Endorpho-Maniac® of exceptional proportions. His resiliency enhancement methods and systems benefiting his own remarkable survival from stage 4 incurable cancer, massive heart attack, and disabling stroke have served as a 'Beacon of Hope' wellness inspiration prescription for others. He has written, published, and distributed a unique comic book series entitled Zing Zest® : Survivor Stories. His works are included in the holdings of the Rosen Library, the official cancer resource center housed at the American Cancer Society national headquarters in Atlanta. Dr. J's health-conscious comic book also served as a successful fundraising tool benefiting the 'Lymphomathon Take a Step, Find a Cure' event for the Lymphoma Research Foundation. The debut issue collector's edition is available for complimentary viewing online at


Dr. J has maintained a lifelong interest in the creative arts and digital media genre. Over the past several years Dr. J has made a transition to media development including cartoon and comic arts writing and producing, and short animation & film production related activities. He is a 2007 graduate of the New York Film Academy in digital movie-making. He has written, produced, and directed a variety of live action with animation films and documentary style animatics. Dr. J's "ZING ZEST MEGATHON" is an award winning live action short film premiered at the NYFA film festival for the AMC Pleasure Island big screen / red carpet event in Orlando, FL His "DELTA DOOZY" animatic production has been an instrumental airline industry changing documentary piece on passenger customer service quality improvement. These artworks are available for public viewing on YouTube.


LA-based LAUGH MD is a venture that Dr. J has helped launch into its expansion phase serving as V-J and voice of Laugh MD TV. Short, funny comedy videos and fun little movies help hospital patients feel better and heal faster. Laugh MD provides patient-targeted, short form, comedy TV programming for hospital room TVs, out-patient treatment centers, doctors' offices and waiting rooms. Laugh MD is providing patients with fun, funny comedy programming to lighten moods, relieve stress, and help the healing process. Laugh MD has launched at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and also launched at Kaiser Permanente's new flagship hospital in Los Angeles.


As a behavioral medicine educator, Dr. J has mentored and served as a sought after preceptor for pre-professional students attending several Central Florida colleges and universities. As a researcher and published author, Dr. J has written articles for the professional medical literature, lay public journals and periodicals. He is an active member of several professional societies and civic organizations including the National Speakers Association, International Brotherhood of Magicians, American Psychiatric Association, Florida Psychiatric Society, Clinical TMS Society, and National Cartoonists Society.


Dr. J's Zing Zest University Mastermind Groups offer unique endorphin-enhanced learning experiences making significant contributions to the educational enhancement of it's membership base.  Dr. J is a medical historian contributor to MAD Magazine.






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