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On Friday the Thirteenth, May 2005, Paul Jacobson, M.D. was diagnosed with incurable Stage IV cancer that had spread throughout his body. At the age of 49, Dr. J was given an extremely low survival probability.


Rising to the challenge, Dr. J was determined not to let the hardships of cancer reduce the quality of his remaining life.


This is the true story of an ordinary person who ventured over the top creating an eclectic & innovative 'ENDORPHO-MANIAC' fitness formula. Harnessing and self-regulating the body's own natural endorphin system as a complementary medicine strategy was the secret sauce in achieving full remission in record time.

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Dr. J's short live-action-animation film premiered at AMC Pleasure Island in Downtown Disney.


This is a true story of a cancer survivor who accesses the power of their own endorphin system and wins the battle against terminal illness. This film and accompanying cancer comic book has served as a Beacon of Hope for anyone confronted by life adversities whether in personal, professional, or business life.


This award winning animatic short was written, directed, and produced by Dr. J and debuted for private screening at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.


An uplifting true story of an airline mishap with a happy ending.


This landmark case for Quality Improvements in customer service is a 'Charm School' lesson useful for all industries in optimizing operational internal realities, enhancing external perceptions, and separating themselves from the competition.

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In-Kind contribution to the Clinton Foundation

Global Health Initiative

NBA Allstars Megathon:

MVT = Most Valuable Tweeter


Applied PNI (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology) endorphin medicine expert names that tune.


Paul “Dr. J” Jacobson, M.D. awards ‘honoris causa’ doctorate to former President Clinton
for distinguished contributions to the mental health community.

Florida Psychiatric Society business meeting confirms that solo practice psychiatry is a shrinking industry.

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