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"I am proud to be a Concierge Medicine alumni of Dr. J’s Zing Zest University. Within my first year following the PREVTECH BRAIN FITNESS Diamond Coaching & Training Program, I have quadrupled my performance capacity, significantly improved my bottom line, and most importantly, I enjoy life again! Powered by NeuroStar TMS, HeartMath emWave, Trazer, and Dr. J’s artfully integrated methods, my sense of empowerment continues to expand and every day I wake
up feeling fully restored, energetic and inspired to be and do my best!"

Jeanne Simon

Sell Your TV Concept Now

CEO and Co-founder




"I have never been as inspired by anyone more than Dr. J the Endorphin Doctor
and his attitudinal approach for living life to the fullest in the face of adversity.
Dr. J’s ZING ZEST University coaching zaps me into a mind state that
inoculates me against any potential tides of misfortune."

Joachim de Posada
Internationally Acclaimed Bilingual Motivational Speaker
& Best-Selling Book Author: Don't Eat The Marshmallow…Yet!




"Paul 'Dr. J' Jacobson, M.D. personifies the essence of Living a Thousand Years to an
astronomical level. He is a masterful sorcerer apprentice that teaches us how to live
and work with infinite magnificence. Dr. J’s ZING ZEST magical wand electrified my company and me personally into the next level and it will do the same thing for you."

Giovanni Livera
CPAE, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame & International Brotherhood
of Magicians Gold Cups Champion Best Selling Book Author: Live a Thousand Years




"Dr. Jacobson is the most inspiring person I have ever known.
Dr. J’s ZING ZEST wellness wisdom & teaching tidbits have jump-started me into a renaissance transformation of my life and sparked my creativity into hyperspace".

Edward Feldman
Award-Winning Artist, Graphic Designer and Art Director





he’ll prepare and empower you for whatever comes next."

Dave VanHoose

7 Figure Speaking Empire, Mastermind Coach




"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Paul Jacobson for almost 30 years.
His indefatigable energy and courage in the face of impossible odds is nothing
short of remarkable. His ability to motivate others through his package
of life experiences is a shining tribute to the triumph of the human spirit
over the tumultuousness of fate and hopelessness."

Robert Briskin, M.D.
Fellow American College of Physicians President and Founder VIP Primary Care Associates, P.A.




"There are those thought leaders who think way outside of the box.
Then there's Dr. J …a STRATOSPHERIC thought leader!"

Dr. Gaby / Gabriela Cora, M.D., MBA
TV Personality, Best selling Author




"Dr. J’s ZING ZEST coaching is highly infectious, and incredibly powerful.
Dr. Jacobson has taken his amazing energy and put it into words and images
to inspire the masses. He is one of the most creative people I have worked with."

Mark Simon
Award-Winning Director, and Best-Selling Book Author



"Dr. J’s ZING ZEST bite sized morsels are the Crown "Joules"
of survivorship; in health, in business, and life in general."

Rowe Jones

Radio & TV writer, producer, voice-over, chronic pain survivor




"Dawg ... That's Me!"

"Dr." Dwight Howard
Houston Rockets

Former, Los Angeles Lakers

Former, Orlando Magic

Honorary Ph.D. - ZING ZEST University





"Dr. J’s Zing Zest coaching jolts me back on track.
His SWIM WITH THE ENDORPHINS teachings motivate me
to break through any obstacle I may be faced with.
I have applied Dr. J’s amazing energy to my business
and family life with spectacular success."

Dave Larson

President, Sales & Marketing Technologies, Ltd.




"I have followed the electrifying path of Dr. J’s for over 25 years.
I cannot help being magnetically attracted to the
ZING ZEST MEGATHON movement, and neither will you."

Irene Singletary

Award-Winning Publisher, Morgana Press




"I was honored to display Dr. J's ZING ZEST - SWIM WITH THE ENDORPHINS
artwork at our exhibit booth at the American Psychiatric Association
annual convention. The MAD magazine parody of this year's keynote speaker,
President Clinton, as a board certified ENDORPHO-MANIAC was a great eye candy
attraction and was well received by the psychiatric community."

David J. Robinson, M.D.


Rapid Psychler Press




"Dr. J has served me as a source of inspiration.
He is a true IMPLEMENTER and a MAKER who puts his creative ideas
into worthwhile purposeful action. He helps me gain a new perspective
on taking my business to the next level."

Jack Krasuski, M.D.

Founder & Executive Director

American Physician Institute for Advanced Professional Studies




"Our field operations strategies skyrocketed after experiencing
Dr. J's SWIM WITH THE ENDORPHINS coaching retreats. The relaxed intensity
of focus couched in a serious-fun venue changed the face of how I think
through challenges, roadblocks, and obstacles. I believe that our company's
internal reality was dramatically enhanced by Dr. J's sage wisdom
and applied innovation methods."

Jay Dee Shiverdaker

Chairman, CEO, Director
American Medical Revenue, LLC




"Dr. J is a Maniac!"

Sam Viviano
Art Director

MAD Magazine




"I have been a concierge coaching client of Dr. J's for several years.
I am convinced that following his systematic approach for enhancing my endorphin response on demand has made a significant difference on my business' bottom line."

Randall Greene, D.O.
Founder, Managing Member

Rockwell Financial Group, LLC




"Dr. J is my mental workout coach for personal & business success. My productivity
soars each time I fill his SWIM WITH THE ENDORPHINS prescription."

Michael Finizio
Sr. Vice President

Finizio Investment Group




"Dr. Paul Jacobson is twisted, demented, totally off-the-wall, and an attack dog.
All the qualities that I like. I have trained with Dr. J for over 30 years.
He is truly the Original ENDORPHO-MANIAC and living proof that
when you consistently SWIM WITH THE ENDORPHINS
you never need to come up for air."

Joe Cirulli
Owner & Founder Gainesville Health & Fitness Centers

Past President; International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association




"Dr. Jacobson is the reincarnation of Norman Cousins, the father of the
Laughter is the Best Medicine paradigm. Dr. J is also a black-belt master coach
teaching people to access the healing power of their natural endorphin system."

Frank Chindamo
Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Laugh MD TV


The Wizard and Dr. Oz




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